About Us

Welcome to HEP!
Kari and Cam Flanders are the husband and wife team behind the driving force of this small town shop.  They try to bring good local products for a local price. 
They will stop at nothing to help anyone in need.  Always forward thinking and producing top quality products is their goal!
As COVID-19 hit they were forced to close their store front on March 23rd 2020.  But that didn't stop them from printing t-shirts and still taking custom orders.  The store front is now OPEN and
they are happy to be able to continue to do "business as usual" the best they know how.
Being forced now to offer more online options so they can ship straight to your door or you can still do store pickup!  They will even meet you curbside still if you wish.
Shop around - come back and check often - as they will continue to try and have deals and new products!
Thank you -
Kari and Cam Flanders